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Australin Gold Suntan Lotions

The original reason we started carrying Australian Gold was because they were the only ones making a non-greasy, non-oily water based suntan lotion. The Australian Gold Dry Oil still remains our favorite. Our reasons are simple.

  • pointer Mineral Oil based suntan lotions ruin swimwear.
  • pointer Mineral Oil is a petroleum product. It eats away at the lycra┬« and rubber elastic in your swimsuit. It can stain your swimsuit. Water based suntan lotions do not.
  • Why Jan Tana sunless lotion?

    Jan Tana's Personal Favorite! Studio Tan Face and Body Bronzer creates a beautiful, deep, dark, natural looking tan. R-e-a-l-l-y looks like a tan from the sun! Tan your whole body or just tan the parts of the body that shows! The Perfect Tan when you want immediate results. Mix a little Studio Tan with the Deep Moistuirzer for a quick, healthy glow! Tan for Special Occassions or use Daily to Always Look Your best! Tan Looks So Natural...You'll Forget It's Not.

    Jan Tan's original Competition Color. The Dark Immediate Bronzer Enhances Hardness, Definition And Magnifies Muscle Quality! The dark bronzer is so quick and easy to apply, you can tan yourself Anywhere...Anytime. Streak-free formula glides on evenly with a tanning puff. Simply Apply 1 to 3 Applications just prior to your Photo Shoot. After your photo shoot, shower to remove bronzer. Does Not Stain Clothing! Wonderful Apricot Fragrance.

  • Because they have developed three specific products that depend on the end goal and use.
  • Fast Tan: A Natual Looking Immediate Tan! Rich, Radiant Color.
  • Golden Sunless Tan with a hint of bronzer shows where you are tanning, for a quick, even application and a flawless golden tan.
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