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Our custom order form allows you to order any style with any fabric we carry for a just small fee.

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"We are excited to let you know our custom order form will continue to be developed, making it easier and more interactive to use. At the moment we are aware there are a few swimsuit combinations you are unable to order. If you don't see your swimsuit style options, you may use our old custom order form. Click Here

How to read our product codes


Knowing how to determine the prodcuct code of a style or fabric can help aid you in ordering from our custom form.
Here are some examples of a complete product code:

M77U-6407 = Mens Stuffit Pouch Thong, Unlined, in Black

B51L-5537 = Womens Thong Bottom, Lined, in ThinSKINZ Neon Coral


Style Code: A Letter & Number code (ie...M76...Men's Fitted Pouch Square Cut Swim Trunks
Click to see where the product codes are displayed


The Lining : (L)=Lined in Front, (U)=Unlined, (P)=PEP Lining, (X)=Pro Lining
Click here to view our style lining guide


Choosing A Fabric : Consists of a 4 digit code. See example to the right to identify the fabric code on our current products
click here to see all of our current fabrics


So..A correct and complete product code would look like: M53-L-0007-M
Translated : Men's Rio Suit, Lined in Front, in Wet Look Black, sized Medium
click here to view our size chart

6. If you get confused, we can take your order over the phone
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Please be aware, Once you have checked out and paid for your order, any requests and/or cancellations to the products ordered through our custom order form, may incur a $10 charge.

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