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2017 Mens Posing Bodybuilding Suits

You want to look your best in front of all those people in the crowd and judges who will judge you as you walk onto stage with just your men’s posing suit covering your body. How does one pick the best posing suit. Where to start? What color to choose? Which style to pick? There is a lot more to picking a posing suit than you might guess. Bodybuilders want the suit to accentuate their best features by revealing, in a tasteful manner, the results of long hours in the gym and sacrifices at meals.

Mens Comnpetition Bodybuilder Posing Suits

There are very wide choices of posing suits for men. There is the Brazilian cut, French cut, flex cut, American cut, European cut and classic cut to name a few. The most common posing suit is the Brazilian cut (the new classic), with it’s brief front and bikini (3/4’s) coverage rear to show off your gluteus. Always keep in mind that when picking a posing suit, comfort is the most important factor to consider. The suit must be comfortable, and you must feel comfortable wearing it.

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