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Womens NPC-IFBB Scrunchie Figure Suit

This item is available custom order only.
B66 : NPC IFBB scrunchie butt figure suit bottom for women

Style Notes :

• High leg hole
• 3 panels allow this suit to follow your shape
• It is a narrow cut with half coverage rear
• You worked for it, show it !
• Pick the correct size and there will be no wrinkles
• The back has a moderate scrunchie to highlight curvature of the rear

• This is a Legacy pattern
• This suit is no longer in stock
• You must Order it using the Custom Order Form

Category: Pattern Archives

2024-03-30 00:33:56

Great suit! Very comfortable to wear all day— sits higher than a typical thong on the waist. Need to be sure your package lines up with the slightly wider part of the pouch to ensure everything fits, but once you do you’re gtg.

Todd 2024-04-02 00:03:30

These M57U bikinis are so sexy, they fit great just covering your package and barely covering your buttocks. The tan lines they leave behind are just sexy as can be, I love to wear these while tanning and swimming in the pool. If you dare wear these in public like I have you will definitely grab attention and swing a few heads your way. I have about 23 pairs of these and I wish I had more they fit so great and hold up to swimming in my saltwater pool they're just so comfortable and look so good I have a 30-in waist and wear an extra small I like the snugger fit without any loose fabric. My only complaint would be I wish they made these in more materials with a wider variety in colors, can't get enough of them.

Todd 2024-04-02 00:10:19

I just got the suit last week it's so comfortable and look so sexy on. I cannot wait to wear this by the pool to tan and swim in I know it's going to leave some incredibly sexy looking tan lines behind. The suit is sheer/see-through when dry and I know it will be transparent when it's wet. I absolutely love skinswear transparent swimsuit materials. The suit looks incredible just covering my package up front and just enough material in the back to cover my butt. When kneeling or bending over around the pool this definitely becomes a thong, which doesn't bother me but I do love the narrow real bikini back and the narrow waistband on this m57 bikini. I love wearing this to a public pool in getting attention while turning heads.

Todd 2024-04-02 00:13:53

I custom ordered this suit in a M57U extra small, I have a 30-in waist and I love the tight fit with no extra material. This incredibly sexy suit just covers my package up front and enough to barely cover my butt, while leaving some of the best looking tan lines I've ever had even after summer comes and goes. I have many different colors fabrics and variations of the m57 real bikinis I can't get enough of these they fit and feel so good. They hold up great to many wares and washes and swimming and tanning in the pool I haven't had any issues even getting my favorite Australian gold tanning lotion and oils on them time to time. The quality of the skinswear Rio bikinis are second to none I only wish I would have found this brand sooner. This shiny pink bubble gum suit looks great especially with a dark tan.

Todd 2024-04-02 00:16:34

This is one of my new favorite suits, it is sheer / transparent dry and a little more transparent one wet. It feels so great on the skin, and leaves the greatest looking little tan lines behind. Just enough material upfront to cover my package minimally while barely covering my butt squatting and kneeling will turn this Rio bikini into a thong quick. I highly recommend any of these m57 rio bikinis as the fit and look is incredible, the narrow waistbands look great without being too big or bulky looking. I only wish I live near a beach cuz I would wear these out on it every single day to show off how good I look in them.

Todd 2024-04-02 00:18:28

I custom ordered this for my wife but unlined with a zipper. It is the most incredibly sexy thong one piece bikini I've bought her, it is sheer transparent dry and completely see through one wet. I love the tan lines it leaves on her it's like the bikinis on even when it's off. It's hard to lay next to her by the pool with this on her as I cannot keep my hands off, I definitely recommend this F10Z unlined. The suit is very pricey especially when custom ordered but they look so hot on your girl.

Todd 2024-04-28 20:21:09

Absolutely love this M57, the material is sheer and like wearing nothing at all. Very thin and see-through when dry, completely see through when wet. This super thinskinz has a soft and silky feel to it. The minimal coverage pouch is one of the sexiest bikinis for men I've ever found, and the Brazilian cut back, cover just enough of my butt. The waistband is like 5/16 and so sexy, this rio bikini leaves the best looking tanlines I've ever had. I have a 31" waist and prefer the fit of the XS that fits more snug, compared to a recommended M that is looser and baggy in the butt. These are my favorite swimsuits for home and at the beach when tanning and swimming.

Kees 2024-05-01 07:48:39

Super nice thong, perfect fit. Colours are bright, even after washing a several time.

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