Bodysuits for Men

Bodysuits are no longer made just for women. They are not just for super hero costumes. Now men wear them to the gym,  dance class, and underlayment for ski and snowboard attire and to ward off the harmful effects of the sun and jellyfish while playing in the ocean.

SKINZ makes bodysuits for men with male comfort in mind. Bodysuits provide a nice shape and silhouette. Men wear them for practical reasons too. Military men, fire men, police officers, athletes, and construction men all wear our bodysuits for compression and support.

Of course they make great costume foundations too. Are you are looking for fantasy unitards and Zentai style body suits?  You can order yours in ANY fabric SKINZ has in inventory.  Spiderman ? Silver Surfer ? Batman ? Is there a super hero in you ?  Check out out all of our Men’s Bodysuits – Click Here

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SKINZ Rash Guards

Recently I went on a surf trip to Mexico with my surfer friends from High School days. We stayed with Corky Carroll (5X US surfing champ) at his hacienda in Saladita. I used this opportunity to test some of our new neon fabrics in use as Rash Guards. I was easy to spot in the line-up. I was easy to spot by the photographers. I was complimented and nicknamed as well. The Green Lantern and “Franz” after the famous skier who wore very bright ski outfits.

Rash Guards were first developed by surfers to eliminate the chafing (caused by wetsuits) under the arms and around the neck. Coincidentally they do provide extra thermal warmth by reducing the flow of water inside the wetsuit (stabilizing warm water). Also used as a summer shield against the harmful effects of too much sun and abrasions from your surfboard. Reversed seams for smoothness and dolman sleeves for freedom of movement.


Skinz Supplies Hooters with their Swimwear

Hooters SKINZ swimwear 2012 catalogSince 2004 SKINZ® Swimwear has been supplying Hooters branded swimwear for their employees and for retail sales in Hooters restaurants across America.

We were excited when they contacted us and wanted SKINZ® to provide Hooters logo swimwear for their employees at the Hooters Casino and Hotel located in Las Vegas.

Orders have ranged up to $12,000. This cooperation between SKINZ® and Hooters® has embellished the brand recognition of SKINZ® in the swimwear industry.

Hooters official merchandising source (Provident) puts out a catalog every year that is sent to all the 460 Hooters Restaurants. This catalog is used by the restaurants to order official licensed and branded items such as t-shirts, beach towels, coffee mugs, and other apparel for re-sale in their restaurant stores.  The catalog is managed by a third party merchandise company called Provident Merchandising Sourcing.  Dan W. and Susan P. contacted us and asked us to make different style bikinis and cover up shorts for women to be used as uniforms within and outside the Las Vegas Hooters Casino.

Picture below are scanned pages from recent Hooters Merchandise catalogs with SKINZ® swimwear offered.Hooters-PMS-SKINZ-2007-EWomens-swim-shorts-T43-B78-Hooters

Fabric of the Day! No. #4103 Aqua Python











Skinny Side Rio Bikini Bottom with a Brazilian Triangle Top

Buy the Top
Check out the Bottom

For Men, Fitted Boxer Swimsuit in Aqua Python. Check them Out Now!

Any Fabric on Any Style.  Customize your own, Be Original
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A day in the life at Skinz

NPC IFBB posing suitWell of course another amazing day at SKINZ that includes… rhinestones! A girl couldn’t ask for more diamonds!.. I mean rhinestones haha. I had the pleasure of working on the finishing touches to the T43LFS/B64L figure suit. I applied rhinestones to give this baby flair. Yes we do it all!!

Check it out on our site: HERE

-C, Skinz

Sewing a Swimsuit

Ever wonder what swimsuits are so much more $ than underwear ?  The cost is in the quality and fabrication. Swimsuits have to stand up to saltwater, sunshine, Chlorine and suntan oils, all of which work to destroy the swimsuit. Swimsuits are small and the fabric is slippery, which makes sewing them a challenge.

Each swimsuit requires at least (3) different machines : the serger, the straight stitch and the zig-zag. Some require a 4th machine, the double needle top stitch.  Tricot nylon/lycra fabric, silicone protected rubber, special stretch thread and lining are also required for each suit. Options include ornaments, rhinestone connectors and plated tri-rings. Our suits are sewn in Clearwater, Florida.  We are proud to say we are made in the USA!

Mens Swimwear for 2014

Men’s bikini swimsuits are the boldest, barest swimwear styles offering minimum coverage and maximum sun exposure. If you’re a sun worshipper, a sexy bikini swim suit may be your best option, especially if you’ve been working out and you’re ready to show-off your rock hard abs. At SKINZ, our collection of men’s bikini swimsuits offers the hottest choices for sleek, eye-catching style and sun-bronzed beach looks.

Men’s bikini swimsuits are designed for maximum exposure and comfort while swimming or lounging poolside. Popular options include Smooth Front bikinis, animal print bikinis and men’s bikinis with skimpy side straps. Men’s bikini swimwear is a comfortable, form-fitting option, perfect for swimming laps as well as sunning on the deck. Choose a bikini swimsuit for minimal tan lines and maximum exposure of your best assets.

At SKINZ, you’ll find the world’s best selection of fashionable, must-have bikini swimsuits for men, guaranteed to fit and flatter your body at the beach, lake or pool. The options are as enticing as they are comfortable. Shop our complete collection of men’s bikinis today. SKINZ does not stop at the speedo style men’s bikinis. We also offer a many styles of Rio swimsuits with half coverage of the fanny. Our best sellers are men’s swimsuit thongs (T-Backs) and mens G-String swimsuits. SKINZ is unique. We offer the full range of swimsuits from board shorts to G-String Thongs. Made by Americans in Clearwater, Florida, USA.

LA Textile Show

It used to be easy to find new fabrics for the upcoming seasons. The Jacob Javits Center in NYC hosted many fabric shows. Eventually the show moved to Miami in hopes of attracting South American manufacturers. Then the show was eventually cancelled as well.

Now, the only fabric show left is a regional show in LA. I have booked my flights and will attend this years show. It’s always good to feel the samples and eyeball the colors in person. I hope to find some unique colors and designs for the SKINZ 2015 collection.

– Paul, Skinz