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Skinny Side Rio Bikini Bottom with a Brazilian Triangle Top

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For Men, Fitted Boxer Swimsuit in Aqua Python. Check them Out Now!

Any Fabric on Any Style.  Customize your own, Be Original
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SKINZ® is proud to have supplied workout wear and swimwear for 6 time Ms. Olympia Cory Everson.

Corinna “Cory” Everson née Kneuer (born January 4, 1958),is an American female bodybuilding champion and actress. She won the Ms. Olympia contest six years in a row from 1984 to 1989.**

SKINZ® is proud to have been a supplier of workout wear and swimwear for 6 time Ms. Olympia Cory Everson. When Cory had a photo shoot she would often call us for sexy leading edge swimwear and workout wear. She often mixed the swimsuit tops with the aerobic thong bottoms as you will see in the following images. It’s nice to work with famous people who are also nice people. Cory was extremely nice and grateful for our cooperation.

**Cory Everson. (2014, May 1). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 17:04, March 17, 2014, from http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Cory_Everson&oldid=606564000

Cory Everson Signed

Cory Everson ironman 1994
Signed Ironman Cover 1994

Interchangeable Swimsuit Top and Bottoms for Women

Mix and Match swimwear

How many times have you liked a swimsuit but didn’t love everything about it?  You might have loved the top but not the bottoms?  Or loved the bottoms but felt the top wouldn’t be flattering on you?  Don’t you wish the tops and bottoms were sold separately so you could mix and match styles? Don’t you wish you could choose different sizes of the tops and bottoms?  Well, here at SKINZ , you CAN.  All of our prints and ALL of our solid colored suits are offered in multiple styles so you can mix and match to find your “perfect” suit.  If you happen to find a suit you love while shopping on www.skinzwear.com   but don’t happen to love everything about it, don’t give up and stop looking.  We are sure to have YOUR perfect combination.  If not, we will MAKE IT. Looking for a full coverage bottom but a skimpy top?  Maybe we don’t have the exact combination you want pictured online?  Have it your way! All of our suits can be mixed and matched with each other so we are not always picking what we think will look good on you, but rather leave that decision to you. Our goal is to make you look and feel your very best, while our job is to design swimwear that meets the needs of every woman, every body type and every fashion style in mind.  So come shop with us at www.skinzwear.com  and let us help you find the swimsuit of your dreams.  If you don’t see the suit you want, call us! We will make it especially for you! SKINZ® is made in Clearwater, Florida, USA.  #bikini #swimwear #saltlife #beachlife #fitness

Sewing a Swimsuit

Ever wonder what swimsuits are so much more $ than underwear ?  The cost is in the quality and fabrication. Swimsuits have to stand up to saltwater, sunshine, Chlorine and suntan oils, all of which work to destroy the swimsuit. Swimsuits are small and the fabric is slippery, which makes sewing them a challenge.

Each swimsuit requires at least (3) different machines : the serger, the straight stitch and the zig-zag. Some require a 4th machine, the double needle top stitch.  Tricot nylon/lycra fabric, silicone protected rubber, special stretch thread and lining are also required for each suit. Options include ornaments, rhinestone connectors and plated tri-rings. Our suits are sewn in Clearwater, Florida.  We are proud to say we are made in the USA!

LA Textile Show

It used to be easy to find new fabrics for the upcoming seasons. The Jacob Javits Center in NYC hosted many fabric shows. Eventually the show moved to Miami in hopes of attracting South American manufacturers. Then the show was eventually cancelled as well.

Now, the only fabric show left is a regional show in LA. I have booked my flights and will attend this years show. It’s always good to feel the samples and eyeball the colors in person. I hope to find some unique colors and designs for the SKINZ 2015 collection.

– Paul, Skinz

Yikes ! Tights !

It has been cold here in Florida. The highs are barely getting to 60, and the lows are in the mid 40’s. Our daytime cutter (Joe cuts nights) Casandra decided to keep warm in SKINZ  A21 Vienna Paneled Tights. The black fabric is Gloss Black Mambo Snakeskin stretch vinyl.  Mama Mia !

swimwear styles and fabricsAt SKINZ, you can pick any fabric we have, and use it to make any style we carry (now and in the past).  Check out our Design Center!

Have it your way !

Skinz Customer Testimonial

swimsuit design centerHi Skinz team.

Just want to say that I received my latest order from you guys last week (invoice # 172364) and as usual, the quality of your products just keeps blowing me away. Not only do you have the biggest range of cuts available, you also have an equally massive range of super sexy fabrics to back it up.

For my latest order, alongside a pair of Sunseeker Rios in wet look purple,
I thought I’d try a Stuffit string in ThinSKINZ sapphire blue and it’s everything I expected it to be, and more! I wear the Stuffit as regular underwear and find the ThinSKINZ fabric ever so soft and wearable that all day comfort really isn’t an issue. Thanks for making the hottest swimwear/underwear on the planet.

Regards, Shane.

SKINZ Swimsuit Design Center

Today I worked on getting the SKINZ swimsuit design center back to operational. Not long ago we switched servers and systems and parts of the design center were broken. I am happy to say it is fully operational again.

Skinz Design Center – click here

Unique to the SKINZ® site is your ability to design your own swimsuit or catsuit.  We give you the freedom to pick any style (cut) we make, pick any fabric we have, then choose any size you want (between XXS and XXXL).

Our Design Center pages help you visualize your new and unique swimsuit or catsuit. The steps are simple :

  1. Choose a generic swimsuit or catsuit style.
  2. Pick from our fabric icons to “superimpose” one onto the style.
  3. Presto Change-O, see your creation!

Then write down your favorite fabric and go to our special order form, here : http://skinzwear.com/Special_Order_Form.php

Design your own swimsuit. Have it your way.  I will be working the next few days to add the 2014 fabrics into the design center.  Dont forget to chekc out our 2014 catalog – click here

Paul – Skinz