2015 SKINZ Swimwear Photo Shoot with Amanda

Yesterday (Wednesday) was my second day in a row of shooting the 2015 collection of womens swimwear for SKINZ. My lucky day ! Amanda spent 3 hours with me in the studio and we had a lot of fun. If you are a friend of hers, ask her how we both almost laughed so hard it hurt. At 5’3″ and 100 lbs I shoot her in XS and the suits fit perfectly. She is SO NICE. What a joy. Amanda has been in every SKINZ catalog since 2010.

2015 SKINZ Swimwear Photo Shoot with Jessica Barton

9/30/14 : Today was the beginning of the photo shoots at the SKINZ swimwear studio in Clearwater, Florida. I shot with Jessica Barton for 4 hours and we captured some fantastic images. She is a wonderful model to work with and is extremely photogenic. Jessica first appeared in the 2011 SKINZ swimwear catalog and has been in every catalog since. She makes my job easy. SKINZ swimwear for women is lucky to have Jessica as a model. Thanks Jessica !

Skinz Supplies Hooters with their Swimwear

Hooters SKINZ swimwear 2012 catalogSince 2004 SKINZ® Swimwear has been supplying Hooters branded swimwear for their employees and for retail sales in Hooters restaurants across America.

We were excited when they contacted us and wanted SKINZ® to provide Hooters logo swimwear for their employees at the Hooters Casino and Hotel located in Las Vegas.

Orders have ranged up to $12,000. This cooperation between SKINZ® and Hooters® has embellished the brand recognition of SKINZ® in the swimwear industry.

Hooters official merchandising source (Provident) puts out a catalog every year that is sent to all the 460 Hooters Restaurants. This catalog is used by the restaurants to order official licensed and branded items such as t-shirts, beach towels, coffee mugs, and other apparel for re-sale in their restaurant stores.  The catalog is managed by a third party merchandise company called Provident Merchandising Sourcing.  Dan W. and Susan P. contacted us and asked us to make different style bikinis and cover up shorts for women to be used as uniforms within and outside the Las Vegas Hooters Casino.

Picture below are scanned pages from recent Hooters Merchandise catalogs with SKINZ® swimwear offered.Hooters-PMS-SKINZ-2007-EWomens-swim-shorts-T43-B78-Hooters

Visit our showroom factory

Florida is a tourist destination. People come to Florida to white enjoy sugar sand beaches, warm weather, clear water and Pina Coladas at the beachside Tiki Bar. If you are planning a trip to Florida’s west coast, plan a stop at the SKINZ showroom and get a tour of the factory. We are located at 2027 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Clearwater, FL 33765.

We have thousands of swimsuits in stock and offer custom fitting and swimsuit design. Choose from 100’s of fabrics and styles. Put together your own unique swimsuit. Starting in March, we are open 7 days a week. See you soon ?

Yikes ! Tights !

It has been cold here in Florida. The highs are barely getting to 60, and the lows are in the mid 40’s. Our daytime cutter (Joe cuts nights) Casandra decided to keep warm in SKINZ  A21 Vienna Paneled Tights. The black fabric is Gloss Black Mambo Snakeskin stretch vinyl.  Mama Mia !

swimwear styles and fabricsAt SKINZ, you can pick any fabric we have, and use it to make any style we carry (now and in the past).  Check out our Design Center!

Have it your way !

Skinz Customer Testimonial

swimsuit design centerHi Skinz team.

Just want to say that I received my latest order from you guys last week (invoice # 172364) and as usual, the quality of your products just keeps blowing me away. Not only do you have the biggest range of cuts available, you also have an equally massive range of super sexy fabrics to back it up.

For my latest order, alongside a pair of Sunseeker Rios in wet look purple,
I thought I’d try a Stuffit string in ThinSKINZ sapphire blue and it’s everything I expected it to be, and more! I wear the Stuffit as regular underwear and find the ThinSKINZ fabric ever so soft and wearable that all day comfort really isn’t an issue. Thanks for making the hottest swimwear/underwear on the planet.

Regards, Shane.

Michelle Moya

When I hired Michelle Moya to model SKINZ® swimwear and work out wear, she was a spokesperson for Hooters® Restaurants here in Clearwater, FL. I was so happy to have her in the 2004 catalog (10 years ago this year).  She no longer lives in Clearwater, but she does visit Florida from time to time and I try to take advantage of her special look and fantastic figure and bring her in for special shoots at the SKINZ® studio located at 2027 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Clearwater, FL.

The photo above is a shot of Michelle on the cover of our 2004 catalog. Michelle is a a hard worker and really nice person and remains a special person to me.

She is in the running for inclusion in the top 25 Hooters Girls of All Time.

Paul- Skinz

Check them out in our New 2014 Catalog

SKINZ Swimsuit Design Center

Today I worked on getting the SKINZ swimsuit design center back to operational. Not long ago we switched servers and systems and parts of the design center were broken. I am happy to say it is fully operational again.

Skinz Design Center – click here

Unique to the SKINZ® site is your ability to design your own swimsuit or catsuit.  We give you the freedom to pick any style (cut) we make, pick any fabric we have, then choose any size you want (between XXS and XXXL).

Our Design Center pages help you visualize your new and unique swimsuit or catsuit. The steps are simple :

  1. Choose a generic swimsuit or catsuit style.
  2. Pick from our fabric icons to “superimpose” one onto the style.
  3. Presto Change-O, see your creation!

Then write down your favorite fabric and go to our special order form, here : http://skinzwear.com/Special_Order_Form.php

Design your own swimsuit. Have it your way.  I will be working the next few days to add the 2014 fabrics into the design center.  Dont forget to chekc out our 2014 catalog – click here

Paul – Skinz

A Day in The Life at SKINZ…

Hey there! I’m part of the SKINZ team and one of the cutters/designers here, and well you can just call me C!——->

Wow, what another awesome day at Skinz!  Okay, I’ll let you in on some of the fun I had today. My first task was another custom order, Yay :-)!  These are fun to do because they cater to the customer’s wants. We make special patterns just for YOU in any fabric the end of each year.

Once your pattern is made you can order it again anytime :-). How cool is that?!!! I also worked on transferring a paper pattern to hard plastic because it’s easier to use when marking onto fabric for cutting. Oh, and how can I forget INVENTORY I cut for Men, the hot Sunseeker2 Rio in a silky sheer Thinskinz fabric….This is an ultimate tanning suit, oh my!

Check it out: http://skinzwear.com/product_detail.php?prodID=10836&name=Mens-Swimwear-Sunseeker2-Tanning-Swim-Suit-in-Semi-Sheer-ThinSKINZ-Sapphire-by-Skinz#.UtiKsuAo74c

I’ll be back! – C

Masters Swimming in the M64

My favorite swimsuit in the SKINZ line of mens swimwear is the M64. The M64 is what they call the mens competition brief. If is shaped and designed like a speedo for swimming competition. It has brief style coverage and is fairly low, although not as low as what the kids are wearing in high school swim meets. It has a drawstring so it’s safe for diving off the starting blocks and diving in the pool. It’s perfect for me in my Master swim meets.

Check them out in our New 2014 Catalog – http://www.skinzwear-catalogs.com

Paul – SKINZ