How Amber Rose Made Extreme Micro Bikinis Mainstream

Model and aspiring actress Amber Rose caused quite a commotion when she appeared on Instagram wearing nothing but a black, micro G string bikini just a few weeks back. Within hours of posting the sexy shots, they went viral; Amber’s name became a trending topic worldwide and the photos netted hundreds of thousands of likes across social media. Even rapper Wiz Khalifa, Amber’s ex-husband, took to Twitter to remark on how fine his former lady looked. But there’s more to the microkini than Amber Rose wore– and by “more,” we don’t mean fabric. Amber’s famous microkini is actually just one cut in a much larger category of women’s swimwear that is growing in popularity around the globe: extreme micro bikinis.

What are extreme micro bikinis and where did they come from?
Amber Rose may have brought extreme micro bikinis to the mainstream this season, but the ultra-sexy style of swimwear has been around for years now. These skimpy bathing suits differ from regular bikinis in that they obviously leave much less to the imagination. Traditionally, this type of risqué swimwear is marked by a tiny top and an accompanying micro thong or G string bottoms. Even though you don’t typically see such sexy styles of swimwear along the boardwalk, micro bikinis are popular at private pools, romantic couple’s resorts and nude beaches.

Other skimpy bikini styles
Though the cut famously worn by Amber on Instagram was a one-piece microkini, there are many other variations of micro bikinis. For example, extreme sling bikinis or teardrop bikinis are similar popular styles. Of course, all tiny bikinis are equally provocative, but whatever style you decide to flaunt depends on your own personal preference.

Custom micro swimwear
At SKINZ, we believe that there’s a micro bikini for every body. If you love extreme micro bikinis like the one Amber Rose wore but you don’t see the size, style or color that you want on our website, we can create a custom swimsuit just for you.

If you already have a micro string bikini and love how it fits, we can recreate the same cut and style for you in a new fabric or color… even if it was originally made by another brand. All you have to do is send us your old swimsuit and then we will make a template of it and send it back. To ensure you get your favorite fit every single time, we

2015 SKINZ Swimwear Photo Shoot with Amanda

Yesterday (Wednesday) was my second day in a row of shooting the 2015 collection of womens swimwear for SKINZ. My lucky day ! Amanda spent 3 hours with me in the studio and we had a lot of fun. If you are a friend of hers, ask her how we both almost laughed so hard it hurt. At 5’3″ and 100 lbs I shoot her in XS and the suits fit perfectly. She is SO NICE. What a joy. Amanda has been in every SKINZ catalog since 2010.

2015 SKINZ Swimwear Photo Shoot with Jessica Barton

9/30/14 : Today was the beginning of the photo shoots at the SKINZ swimwear studio in Clearwater, Florida. I shot with Jessica Barton for 4 hours and we captured some fantastic images. She is a wonderful model to work with and is extremely photogenic. Jessica first appeared in the 2011 SKINZ swimwear catalog and has been in every catalog since. She makes my job easy. SKINZ swimwear for women is lucky to have Jessica as a model. Thanks Jessica !

Mens 2015 Bikini Swimwear

John B. of Pinole, CA recently purchased two mens bikini swimsuits by SKINZ. One of the suits is the Super Low Half Back Bikini for men in a Tiger poly/spandex print. This fabric is made with what is called a paper print process. The print is on paper and a heat process similar to heat transfer printing marries the print to the tricot/poly/spandex base cloth. The result is a stunning razor sharp print in High Definition. Tricot fabric have true 4-way stretch.

Love the fabric? Get any one of our suits made with out Fabric #4105

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mens swimsuit brief in tiger print

swimwear bikini tiger print
Fabric #4105 Tiger tricot-nylon-lycra print


Exclusive ThinSKINZ Fabric

Paul K. of Toledo, Ohio recently purchased two mens swimsuits from the SKINZ website. One of the suits he chose is the Mens Stuffit Pouch Bikini Swimsuit (by SKINZ).

This suit, the M74U-4512, is made using the exclusive Apricot ThinSKINZ material. This sexy and slinky fabric is semi-sheer when wet.

Many men, like Paul, like the sinfully soft and silky feeling of ThinSKINZ fabric. Since it’s semi sheer when wet, SKINZ suggests you save this suit for private sunbathing and swimming.

Check out our Mens Stuffit Pouch Bikini Swimsuit in ThinSKINZ Apricot – Click Here

Mens stuffit sexy bikini in apricot


Fabric of the Day! No. #4103 Aqua Python











Skinny Side Rio Bikini Bottom with a Brazilian Triangle Top

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For Men, Fitted Boxer Swimsuit in Aqua Python. Check them Out Now!

Any Fabric on Any Style.  Customize your own, Be Original
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#1 selling womens swimsuit in 2014 (so far)

SKINZ is enjoying a very busy start to the 2014 swimsuit season. So far, the #1 selling swimsuit for women is the Low Rise (B51) T back thong in Hawaiian Floral (4109) :

B51 – Womens Swimsuit T Back ThongHawaiian Floral Swimsuit Fabric
• Small low front and low thong back
• The perfect “T” back swimsuit
• This update incorporates the “low rise” styling both front and back
• For high cut style, see the B4
• Lined in Front

Fabric 4109
• Hawaiian Floral Tricot nylon-lycra
• Tricot fabrics are the highest grade nylon/lycra with true 4-way stretch
• Direct dye screen print
• Direct Dye fabrics feature deep and full coloration

A day in the life at Skinz

NPC IFBB posing suitWell of course another amazing day at SKINZ that includes… rhinestones! A girl couldn’t ask for more diamonds!.. I mean rhinestones haha. I had the pleasure of working on the finishing touches to the T43LFS/B64L figure suit. I applied rhinestones to give this baby flair. Yes we do it all!!

Check it out on our site: HERE

-C, Skinz

Sewing a Swimsuit

Ever wonder what swimsuits are so much more $ than underwear ?  The cost is in the quality and fabrication. Swimsuits have to stand up to saltwater, sunshine, Chlorine and suntan oils, all of which work to destroy the swimsuit. Swimsuits are small and the fabric is slippery, which makes sewing them a challenge.

Each swimsuit requires at least (3) different machines : the serger, the straight stitch and the zig-zag. Some require a 4th machine, the double needle top stitch.  Tricot nylon/lycra fabric, silicone protected rubber, special stretch thread and lining are also required for each suit. Options include ornaments, rhinestone connectors and plated tri-rings. Our suits are sewn in Clearwater, Florida.  We are proud to say we are made in the USA!