SKINZ Swimsuit Design Center
January 19, 2014


Today I worked on getting the SKINZ swimsuit design center back to operational. Not long ago we switched servers and systems and parts of the design center were broken. I am happy to say it is fully operational again.

Skinz Design Center – click here

Unique to the SKINZ® site is your ability to design your own swimsuit or catsuit.  We give you the freedom to pick any style (cut) we make, pick any fabric we have, then choose any size you want (between XXS and XXXL).

Our Design Center pages help you visualize your new and unique swimsuit or catsuit. The steps are simple :

  1. Choose a generic swimsuit or catsuit style.
  2. Pick from our fabric icons to “superimpose” one onto the style.
  3. Presto Change-O, see your creation!

Then write down your favorite fabric and go to our special order form, here :

Design your own swimsuit. Have it your way.  I will be working the next few days to add the 2014 fabrics into the design center.  Dont forget to chekc out our 2014 catalog – click here

Paul – Skinz