SKINZ Rash Guards
June 11, 2014


Recently I went on a surf trip to Mexico with my surfer friends from High School days. We stayed with Corky Carroll (5X US surfing champ) at his hacienda in Saladita. I used this opportunity to test some of our new neon fabrics in use as Rash Guards. I was easy to spot in the line-up. I was easy to spot by the photographers. I was complimented and nicknamed as well. The Green Lantern and “Franz” after the famous skier who wore very bright ski outfits.

Rash Guards were first developed by surfers to eliminate the chafing (caused by wetsuits) under the arms and around the neck. Coincidentally they do provide extra thermal warmth by reducing the flow of water inside the wetsuit (stabilizing warm water). Also used as a summer shield against the harmful effects of too much sun and abrasions from your surfboard. Reversed seams for smoothness and dolman sleeves for freedom of movement.