Skinz Customer Testimonial
January 25, 2014


swimsuit design centerHi Skinz team.

Just want to say that I received my latest order from you guys last week (invoice # 172364) and as usual, the quality of your products just keeps blowing me away. Not only do you have the biggest range of cuts available, you also have an equally massive range of super sexy fabrics to back it up.

For my latest order, alongside a pair of Sunseeker Rios in wet look purple,
I thought I’d try a Stuffit string in ThinSKINZ sapphire blue and it’s everything I expected it to be, and more! I wear the Stuffit as regular underwear and find the ThinSKINZ fabric ever so soft and wearable that all day comfort really isn’t an issue. Thanks for making the hottest swimwear/underwear on the planet.

Regards, Shane.

4 thoughts on “Skinz Customer Testimonial

  1. These are the sexiest suits ever! They do require a bit of a trim, but my man’s pubic shaver whips his junk right into style!

  2. Yes, the Stuffit thong is great as underwear, I have them in Mesh lycra fabrics, which are light and breathable in summer heat.

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