Bodysuits for Men

Bodysuits are no longer made just for women. They are not just for super hero costumes. Now men wear them to the gym,  dance class, and underlayment for ski and snowboard attire and to ward off the harmful effects of the sun and jellyfish while playing in the ocean.

SKINZ makes bodysuits for men with male comfort in mind. Bodysuits provide a nice shape and silhouette. Men wear them for practical reasons too. Military men, fire men, police officers, athletes, and construction men all wear our bodysuits for compression and support.

Of course they make great costume foundations too. Are you are looking for fantasy unitards and Zentai style body suits?  You can order yours in ANY fabric SKINZ has in inventory.  Spiderman ? Silver Surfer ? Batman ? Is there a super hero in you ?  Check out out all of our Men’s Bodysuits – Click Here

mens singlet bodysuit black

Mens 2015 Bikini Swimwear

John B. of Pinole, CA recently purchased two mens bikini swimsuits by SKINZ. One of the suits is the Super Low Half Back Bikini for men in a Tiger poly/spandex print. This fabric is made with what is called a paper print process. The print is on paper and a heat process similar to heat transfer printing marries the print to the tricot/poly/spandex base cloth. The result is a stunning razor sharp print in High Definition. Tricot fabric have true 4-way stretch.

Love the fabric? Get any one of our suits made with out Fabric #4105

Check out all our suits in our Tiger Tricot nylon/lycra – Click Here

mens swimsuit brief in tiger print

swimwear bikini tiger print
Fabric #4105 Tiger tricot-nylon-lycra print


Exclusive ThinSKINZ Fabric

Paul K. of Toledo, Ohio recently purchased two mens swimsuits from the SKINZ website. One of the suits he chose is the Mens Stuffit Pouch Bikini Swimsuit (by SKINZ).

This suit, the M74U-4512, is made using the exclusive Apricot ThinSKINZ material. This sexy and slinky fabric is semi-sheer when wet.

Many men, like Paul, like the sinfully soft and silky feeling of ThinSKINZ fabric. Since it’s semi sheer when wet, SKINZ suggests you save this suit for private sunbathing and swimming.

Check out our Mens Stuffit Pouch Bikini Swimsuit in ThinSKINZ Apricot – Click Here

Mens stuffit sexy bikini in apricot


Christine Miller

Skinz Model Christine MillerBack in 1999 one of my favorite models to shoot with was Christine Miller. Petite with a perfect SKINZ bikini body. Was never able to shoot with her again as I heard she moved away from Florida. Big loss for SKINZ images. Here she is in one of our Catsuits in Wet Look Red and with Richelle Vencis in a Banded Thong bikini. All by SKINZ.

Mens Swimwear Brief Cut

Oyvind H. of Norway had SKINZ ship (7) men’s swimsuits to himself in August of 2014. One of the suits he ordered was the M64 style by SKINZ. This is the mens swimwear competition brief style. It includes a drawstring so you can dive off the diving board and off the swim blocks and compete in a great looking and perfect fitting mens swimsuit brief.

No longer are you confined to the few colors and prints of the big boy companies like Speedo® and TYR®. Now you can have fashion, fit and comfort in a high quality mens swimwear brief by SKINZ. Reasonably priced swimwear made in Florida, USA.

Check out all of swim briefs – Click Here

Dominican Republic Photo Shoot

It was my great fortune to vacation in the Dominican Republic and at the same time turn it into a working vacation. I met a lovely young woman, Samira and she agreed to shoot some stills and videos with me at a private beach in the Perla Marina, at the Natura Cabana

In this short clip Samira is wearing one of our Surfer girl series of suits, the G5 racer back sport top and B62 Low Cut Scrunchie Bikini Bottom in Fabric 4120 (Lightwaves). These suits are designed to be worn by women engaged in watersports activities. Sexy but comfortable and secure.

Scrunchie low cut bikini bottom
Surfer Girl Runched Swimsuit Bottom in Cyberspace

Another Day in Life at Skinz

casandra from skinzLast weekend I had the pleasure of attending Tampa Bays Swim Show 2014. Styled in SKINZ attire (Top is G26 and custom skirt), I mingled and networked with leaders of various industries in the fashion and beauty world. Amongst those leaders I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of  Luxe Fashion Group Dona Crowley (pictured next to me) who held this beautiful event.

I enjoyed sharing with others what SKINZ is all about from informing individuals about our custom suit department to the variety of suits we offer.

By the way delicious drinks and hors d’ oeuvres were served at its best and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Following the interaction was the beginning of a fabulous swimwear fashion show displaying the latest trends of upcoming designers. Fabulous swimwear styles from neon colors, monokini’s, and crocheted cover ups caught my eyes.

The show case was held at the beautiful Safety Harbor Resort in Florida. I had a fabulous time and will definitely attend again.

Rio Cut Swimsuits

banded with sexy scrunchie butt bikiniWe are often asked what swimsuits are “legal” on family beaches, and yet offer maximum tanning. SKINZ® has developed the “Rio” cut to meet this need. The Rio de Janeiro beaches are known for beautiful girls wearing barely covering swimsuit bottoms. Most swimsuit bottoms are defined by how much coverage of the “rear” they provide. The SKINZ® Rio cut covers about half the rear, making it as skimpy as possible, and still not a Thong or T-back.

The SKINZ® group of womens Rio styley can be found here :

We also offer the Rio cut in our mens swimwear styles. It is the most popular mens style group we have.

You can find it here :

For maximum “legal” tanning try the Rio cut swimsuits from

SKINZ Rash Guards

Recently I went on a surf trip to Mexico with my surfer friends from High School days. We stayed with Corky Carroll (5X US surfing champ) at his hacienda in Saladita. I used this opportunity to test some of our new neon fabrics in use as Rash Guards. I was easy to spot in the line-up. I was easy to spot by the photographers. I was complimented and nicknamed as well. The Green Lantern and “Franz” after the famous skier who wore very bright ski outfits.

Rash Guards were first developed by surfers to eliminate the chafing (caused by wetsuits) under the arms and around the neck. Coincidentally they do provide extra thermal warmth by reducing the flow of water inside the wetsuit (stabilizing warm water). Also used as a summer shield against the harmful effects of too much sun and abrasions from your surfboard. Reversed seams for smoothness and dolman sleeves for freedom of movement.


Doing Business…

Anthony Felix from Fireball Models said he first was introduced to SKINZ catalog in 1999 when looking at experimenting with new promotional outfits for his models.

SKINZ has supplied different promotional outfits and bikinis for the models at Fireball Models since 2002, but they have also provided us with some of the models you may recognize on our site.  Fireball Models and SKINZ have used each others services for over 10 years.

#1517 Inferno became a very familiar pattern worn by The Fireball models.  One of the unique requests for the Fireball Models was custom modifications of The modern Fireball Model Promotional outfit.
The Promotional outfit only came in 3 styles and the models were eager to have more options.

Fireball Models in Promotional Outfits made by SKINZ

model in SKINZ micro bikini.
Using material from extra dresses other styles like the Favorite Box top was made
sexy booty shorts
Regular shorts were sent in and modified to the Skinz styled short shorts

Your first began to see Fireball Models in our catalog in 2006.  Some of those include Jessica Barton, Jennifer Barton, Ednyr Marie, and Hollie Winnard.

It’s always a pleasure working with other reputable business’