Doing Business…
June 10, 2014


Anthony Felix from Fireball Models said he first was introduced to SKINZ catalog in 1999 when looking at experimenting with new promotional outfits for his models.

SKINZ has supplied different promotional outfits and bikinis for the models at Fireball Models since 2002, but they have also provided us with some of the models you may recognize on our site.  Fireball Models and SKINZ have used each others services for over 10 years.

#1517 Inferno became a very familiar pattern worn by The Fireball models.  One of the unique requests for the Fireball Models was custom modifications of The modern Fireball Model Promotional outfit.
The Promotional outfit only came in 3 styles and the models were eager to have more options.

Fireball Models in Promotional Outfits made by SKINZ

model in SKINZ micro bikini.
Using material from extra dresses other styles like the Favorite Box top was made
sexy booty shorts
Regular shorts were sent in and modified to the Skinz styled short shorts

Your first began to see Fireball Models in our catalog in 2006.  Some of those include Jessica Barton, Jennifer Barton, Ednyr Marie, and Hollie Winnard.

It’s always a pleasure working with other reputable business’