Bodysuits for Men
September 17, 2014


Bodysuits are no longer made just for women. They are not just for super hero costumes. Now men wear them to the gym,  dance class, and underlayment for ski and snowboard attire and to ward off the harmful effects of the sun and jellyfish while playing in the ocean.

SKINZ makes bodysuits for men with male comfort in mind. Bodysuits provide a nice shape and silhouette. Men wear them for practical reasons too. Military men, fire men, police officers, athletes, and construction men all wear our bodysuits for compression and support.

Of course they make great costume foundations too. Are you are looking for fantasy unitards and Zentai style body suits?  You can order yours in ANY fabric SKINZ has in inventory.  Spiderman ? Silver Surfer ? Batman ? Is there a super hero in you ?  Check out out all of our Men’s Bodysuits – Click Here

mens singlet bodysuit black