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Fitted Bikini Bathing Suit

in Neon Tracks


This item is not available at this time.
M63 : Mens Posing Suit - Classic Bodybuilder Style Contest Suit

Style Notes :

• Classic standard for posing suits
• The front is seamed for a perfect, men's form, contour fit
• The rear is a bikini cut (3/4's coverage of the fanny)
• Pick the correct size and there will be no wrinkles, front or back
• The front has been lowered slightly and is concave to expose more abdominals
• Lined in Front

Category: Mens Bikini Bathing Suits

Neon Tracks tricot-nylon-lycra

Fabric Code 3122

  • Type: Print
  • Content: Nylon-Lycra
  • Color: Pink, Turquoise
  • Print: Nature
  • Characteristics: Tricot 4-Way Super Stretch, Deep rich direct dye coloration
Tags:  Print | Nylon-Lycra | Pink | Turquoise | Nature
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